Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Know It's Overdue

Hey anyone reading this!  
Sorry I've been MIA...just been super busy.
After we last spoke I drove back to Vegas hoping to sell all my furniture.
Things didn't exactly go as planned...

I posted all my stuff on Craigslist and got a lot of calls...
But when it came down to people actually following through...not so much.
In the end, I was only able to sell a couple dressers and a wicker bench :(
Wish I could've sold more, but oh well!

I went to dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Buon Gusto with a few of my Vegas friends.
It was sad to be saying good-bye but it's not like Vegas is too far from LA!
Had crab cakes "MMM" is all I have to say about those.

I spent the next 36 hours doing nothing but packing and cleaning.
I threw sooo much stuff away :(
Would've liked to bring it back with me or sold it, but what can you do?!
People were dumpster diving to get my tossed treasures haha!

I departed at about 1:30pm on Saturday and was positively giddy on my drive back to LA.
I arrived at my new home and unloaded everything right away!
I was in the bubble bath by 9pm and tucked into bed by 10pm haha
Doing Saturday night BIG!

I don't want to ramble on and on too much...
So I'll post again soon with the rest of my updates.
They're more exciting anyways!
See you soon :)

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