Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Not Official Yet

I'm not offically moved in yet, but I am here.
In Calabasas.
On my parents computer.
...for some reason I can't figure out their Wi-Fi so I can use my laptop...hmmm.

I got a ride into town with a friend from Vegas who happens to be from the same area as me.
I only brought three boxes with me, but they're all unpacked.
And I'm going to be going back to Vegas tomorrow to pack the rest of my things...
...then I'm getting the hell out of Dodge!

I just want to be settled in with a full-time job ASAP.
My parents are already gettng on my case and I'm not even officially moved in yet.
I haven't even been here 24 hours...
I hope I didn't make a mistake!

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